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Long gone are the days when a brand could totally own its message. Here’s an interesting example of how a cause’s message can be co-opted in ways that are antithetical to the cause’s intent. In this case “Occu-Pie” seems to have tongue firmly in cheek but the net impact is dilutive – it’s an example of opportunistic commercialism of a movement that is largely about anti-commercialism. You can choose to ignore these ‘distractions,’ take them head on, or try to deflate them by joining in on the joke. You can also try direct engagement and try to rope them into the conversation more directly. Who knows? You might get a few pies out of it.


I’d like to see a campus cop try to get in between me and MY PIE. It would look something like this.


Finally, a protest I can really sink my teeth into.

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Always interested to see how platforms and services use video to better communicate new features and capabilities.  Puts technology into context.  Good lesson for other brands in how to use social media to communicate what new thing or message you are bringing to the table without having to create a lengthy bullet list and typical press release.


Twitter is getting a major design and experience overhaul across its native and web apps. You can watch the promo above or check out more information about all the changes.

One thing I don’t know yet is whether Loren Brichter, the developer behind the original and groundbreaking Tweetie app that Twitter bought, had anything to do with this re-imagining of Twitter’s experience.

A really big change is an expansion of the “Activity” tab Twitter added to its web app a couple months back. For example, the @Mentions tab has become @Connect, and it can show more activity such as when others retweet or favorite your tweets, in addition to good ol’ mentions.

The new Discover tab integrates Twitter’s little-known Stories feature, makes it easier to find interesting users and hashtags, and gives you a unified search box for manually entering usernames or hashtags to learn more about them.

Overall I really like it, and it should go a long way to helping new users understand how Twitter works and find relevant users and topics to follow.


Michael Bellavia, President of HelpGood, is going to be speaking at SXSW Interactive 2012.  Very exciting and more news to come as to what the talk is about but let’s just say anyone who attends will get free bear hugs.

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