For Valentine’s Day, our client Bedsider, a free online birth control resource, and the Ad Council, released their new Confessions application for Facebook.  The app allows people to share their most embarrassing and entertaining sex fails either publicly or anonymously.

HelpGood helped set up a titillating fangate using the Buddy Media platform to encourage people to become fans of Bedsider and “get under the covers” to receive exclusive content.

HelpGood has been using fangates in many of our Facebook marketing efforts to entice visitors to convert into fans. Just remember that a fangate is an opportunity to connect.  Spyder Trap points out that “if a new visitor is interested enough in your company, restaurant or organization to get to your Facebook page wouldn’t it be nice to remind them to “like” the page in order to continue to stay connected?”

The app was created as part of Bedsider’s ongoing campaign to prevent unplanned pregnancies in women. This app will remind women that despite these awkward #sexfail stories, they would never give up on sex and they shouldn’t give up on birth control either.

Read the full press release here.