The Problem

Rock the Vote wants to get more young people to vote. Even though incentivizing voter registration is illegal, the organization is able to leverage other tactics to make it easy to vote, including high-powered celebrity supporters and a newly revamped, super simple voter registration form on their mobile-friendly website. Technology isn’t the main problem.

Rock the Vote has a perception problem. Over 50% of 18-29 year olds aren’t registered to vote because it isn’t cool, they don’t know the candidates or they don’t care. What’s cool to them? BuzzFeed quizzes and games, digital doodads and stupid simple social apps like Yo, Snapchat and Instagram.

The Solution

Our answer to getting more young people to register to vote is an app that pumps fun into the registration process in a sly and subversive way. We call it…

candiDate logo

It’s a dating app targeted to conscientious singles who want to find likeminded civic-focused people with interests and concerns that are bigger than themselves. They know you vote with your values but you date your passion and that, sometimes, political opposites don’t attract. You may think they’re trying to find love in a hopeless place, but since politics are personal, they want to take a stand with who they choose as their match.

With candiDate you can browse politicians running for office with our Tinder-like UI. Swipe left to Nay and swipe right to Yay if those politicians share your interests. Like that they support abortion rights? Yay them. Hate that they voted against the Dream Act? Nay them. Like that they support abortion rights but voted against the Dream Act? Hmm… Oh, the politician also likes Beyoncé? Yay them after all.