So far the FWD campaign has been going strong with 10/26/11 being the largest social media day ever for USAID.

  • 6 Million impressions in one hashtag alone #askFWD
  • 30 Million Twitter impressions
  • 100,000 post views
  • 3,000 comments and likes on Facebook
  • 100 leaders and social media influencers
  • 60 partner organizations
  • Celebs – Ashley Judd, Mia Farrow, Anthony Bourdain and Mandy Moore
  • YouTube is launching a branded channel to share their video featured on the home page
  • Corporate partners like Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo, GOOD, PopSugar, Seemless and Verizon

And that’s just the start.  Tomorrow, 11/9/11 has been dubbed FWD Day.  Please forward the facts by sending the url to a friend. Our goal is lofty: 13 million shares.  That equals one share for every person impacted by the crisis in the Horn of Africa.

Watch the FWD campaign livestream announcement at Ad-Tech featuring Peggy Conlon of the Ad Council and Rob Greenberg of R/GA for the full campaign brief.

HelpGood is the social media agency on the FWD campaign.

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