You create content hoping it will be consumed, embraced and shared by your fans.  But what happens when the content you produce is shared by the “opposite side”?

Recently much has been made of the Girl Scouts inclusive policy allowing transgendered children to participate.  The policy inspired the (unfortunate) photo above from and it inspired a well-spoken girl to speak not so well of the Girl Scouts in the video below.  We’re in support of young women sharing their voices, but we’re not in support of discrimination.

What we’ve found at HelpGood is that most of the sharers of the content have been from the opposite camp – the anti-target audience.  The UGC pieces have had the exact opposite effect from the content creators’ intentions. The content sharers we’ve interacted with have doubled down in their support of the Girl Scouts and are committing to buy cookies in support of the standing policy of non-discrimination.  It’s a compelling example of how any piece of user generated content can be co-opted by the other team to rally troops in defense.

Like one of our followers said, “Who can resist a thin mint?”

We at HelpGood can’t. If you’re a Girl Scout selling cookies – let us know, because we’re buying. And we’re buying what your organization stands for.