Project Description

Graphic featuring a variety of images that read "Cool Not Cool" and "You Said that Was Cool"

Working with the Ad Council and Futures Without Violence, HelpGood helped manage the social channels and developed the interactive scripts used by the mobile messaging platform, Kik, on the That’s Not Cool campaign. One in four teens in a relationship report that they have been called names, harassed or put down by their partner through cell phone calls and texts. The “That’s Not Cool” initiative helps teens build healthy relationship skills and teaches them that controlling behavior online or on mobile devices can be a form of abuse. The social marketing campaign tools aim to encourage teens to “draw their own digital line” about what is, or is not, acceptable relationship behavior.In partnership with Kik, the popular chat network with over 200 million users, teens opted-in to engage in customized conversations around appropriate communications in relationships. In an effort to further engage teens nationwide, the mobile-first campaign was also extended across FacebookInstagramTwitterGoogle+, and Tumblr.