Project Description

HelpGood worked with Starlight Children’s Foundation to create the impactful Coping with Chemo webseries that helped tweens and teens better understand the physical, emotional and social implications of undergoing chemo treatment for cancer. Yes, heavy stuff.

The project involved working with educators to balance effective education with watchability, especially since the material is so heavy. We coordinated a series of focus groups with target audience members to test the overall tone and look and feel for the series. We also used the groups to judge the relevance and receptivity to various character designs developed for the project.

The project launched in 2004 and is still actively used today with feedback from kids and the community overwhelmingly positive, and it garnered several industry awards as well. Our work with Starlight led us to work on several more website development projects.  We also helped create “The Tuttles Madcap Adventures,” the first ever casual game used as a fundraiser, and “My Life,” a social networking site intended to help chronically ill kids approach their life and death on their own terms.