Project Description

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The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids wanted to dramatically shift its approach to delivering on its mission. The aim was transform The Partnership into the go-to community resource for parents about drugs. The organization wanted to empower parents to proactively intervene in their children’s drug use by starting conversations, providing them access to expert guidance, resources, and caring support, all to ultimately reduce substance abuse among adolescents. Working with The Partnership’s executive team, the board, staff, stakeholders and other constituents, HelpGood developed a comprehensive and actionable strategic playbook for the organization built around a digital-first marketing and communications model. We provided space for a variety of team members to collaborate and shape the work including advising on the board composition needed for the future. This playbook included a roadmap for the full content pipeline, from planning to production to content marketing and measurement. We helped with initial implementation of the new strategy and then trained the internal team to transition ongoing execution to them.