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Check Out a Special Holiday Message from HelpGood

This year we were fortunate to help a lot of great causes. In honor of big data and listicles, the buzzwords of 2013, here are 5 HelpGood clients with results you won’t believe:

  1. Smokey Bear reaches over 170,000 likes.
  2. The REAL Awards, created by Save the Children, doubled the amount of deserving health worker nominees.
  3. Keep America Beautiful and the Ad Council have a new Tumblr with over 7,000 followers in 3 months.
  4. AT&T’s It Can Wait anti-texting and driving campaign received 500,000 pledges in one day.
  5. New York Collaborates for Autism celebrates 10 years of helping people with autism.


We’re happy to report that SXSW Interactive and social good are still best buds. In fact, Corporate Social Responsibility (updated to buzzwords like “shared value” and “triple bottom line”) was a big theme.

The CEO of Whole Foods flung about catch phrases like “conscious capitalism.” Bob Garfield talked about how it’s now required for brands to partake in cause marketing to build relationships with consumers (as part of his new book “Can’t Buy Me Like”). Even funny man keynote, Matthew Inman of the Oatmeal, discussed his wildly successful crowdfunding initiatives for the National Wildlife Federation and to build a Tesla museum.

tumblr_inline_mjvl7aDPN01qz4rgp (1)

As for visible nonprofit campaigns, you couldn’t miss the 10-foot tall mural of the United States made of trash collected at SXSW by local collage artist Jason Mecier. The collage, sponsored by Keep America Beautiful and Glad, was strategically placed in the highly-trafficked SouthBites food truck plaza. KAB also used the event to launch their new social hub to organize volunteers ( around their Great American Cleanup. The site encourages you to use #keepamericabeautiful when bragtweeting about how you’re cleaning up your town.


Yet the biggest highlight for HelpGood was not the TexMex, DeadMau5, Elon Musk or even Al Gore — it was meeting with digitally savvy librarians at the Librarian Meet-Up. We made new friends and planned ahead to ensure the success of our digital marketing efforts for EveryoneOn (Ad Council’s digital literacy campaign).

Proving the popular refrain— SXSW Interactive is all about interacting with people offline.

tumblr_inline_mjvl9jQijZ1qz4rgp (2)

Great news! The Ad Council’s and USAID’s FWD Campaign was just selected as a Earnies Grand Prix Finalist! HelpGood developed and executed the social media strategy to raise awareness nationally about the famine, war and drought crisis in the Horn of Africa in 2011.


Voting is now open to the public. Please vote here.



The Earnies recognize the best campaigns from across today’s earned media landscape, that utilized listening, targeting and monitoring to maximize its impact.

HelpGood just landed a new social media campaign assignment that is perfect for us, being that we’re total Internet and social media geeks and friends of nonprofits.


EveryoneOn is a national campaign powered by Connect2Compete, a national nonprofit organization bringing together leaders from communities, the private sector, and leading foundations with a goal of helping all Americans get access to free digital literacy training. There are a huge list of partners involved including nonprofits like the Ad Council and United Way as well as many for-profit companies including Time Warner, Cox, Charter and more.

In the coming weeks we’re going to be enlisting digital savvy folks to help digital newbies get online, get free computer training and find out how they can improve their lives by getting connected to the Internet.

Another Super Bowl and another list of meaningless Twitter hashtags on the ads. Look at these hashtags to see if you have any idea what brands they belong to: #gethappy #braverywins #nodrama #yourbigidea #wishgranted.

Some hashtags made more sense: #cookiethis #clydesdales and #calvinklein. According to, the more specific hashtags fared better with tens of thousands in use. While the vague hashtags, like #nodrama, got around 350 tweets. What is the conversion rate from the total amount of viewers (over 100 million) to 350 tweets?

Stats like this lead me to the theory that Super Bowl ad hashtags are not meant to be used. I mean if they are, great, but if they aren’t, who cares. It’s more important for hashtags to be on the ad so the agency and brand look like they are in the social TV game. In advertising, perception may be more than half the battle.

If the main goal for the ad hashtag is not use, it takes on a new meaning as part of the branding rather than a throw to your smartphone. They act as a sub tagline stamped with a pop-culture punctuation. In this context, I quite like them.

Here’s why hashtags on ads are not widely used by viewers — ads are conceptual and hashtags are very specific. From what I gather, ads raise awareness, invoke emotions and create desire. Then, the endframe subtly attaches this feeling to a brand. If this job is done well, the conversation will flow. Yes, it’s not all neatly tagged for marketers to track but that is ok. Twitter keyword searches work too.

Social media is chaotic. It’s fragmented, lightening-fast and uncontrollable. Better to watch and listen so that you can contribute great real-time content (for example, the Oreo “dunk in the dark,” image). This was a good reaction rather than a prescribed path, and that is social.

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This is a great PSA and may be one of the most effective ones ever based on the number of social shares alone.  It addresses a serious issue – safety – in a fun and spot on way for Australian Metro.

Dumb Ways to Die:The weirdest ad I’ve ever seen


We’ve got his back.  Forward.

In the Presidential Debates last night Mitt Romney mentioned Big Bird.  In the ensuing nanoseconds, multiple twitter handles emerged including BigBird and FiredBigBird.  Well now there is an effort to get a Million Puppet March on Washington DC on 11/3 to show support for Big Bird, puppets and PBS.  Shows how social media has dramatically changed the political landscape and can create a social movement. Puppet Power!

Every Beat Matters


AT&T launched It Can Wait, a campaign encouraging people to pledge to never txt and drive. There’s a Facebook connected app and a site with videos featuring Victoria Justice and Ryan Beatty along with PSAs and other videos supporting the message.

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