Project Description

Gif with 4 slides. Text: 3 things you can do to mute bullying and amplify kindness: show your support, reach out, share your story. #Loveislouder when we stand together. Visit to get started.

Love is Louder,  a Jed Foundation  campaign for emotional health, has built a community of people working together to feel more connected and supported by dialing up the volume on love and turning down the negative noise. In 2018, HelpGood supported the social strategy and content to get even louder. HelpGood worked with celebrities, influencers, and social media personalities to help turn increased awareness and engagement of the campaign into merchandise sales to make efforts self-sustaining. The HelpGood team curated social content and developed unique imagery to promote themes of self-love, mental health, mindfulness, and support.

We leaned on our expertise working with high-profile brands and celebrity partnership to manage social moments and activations, including:

  • Alyssa Milano’s Valentine’s Day social activation to encourage followers to spread love, stand together, and create change
  • The Jed Foundation and NBA Cares Mind Health initiative
  • TLC’s #GiveALittleTLC activation to end bullying and promote kindness
  • 3 Musketeers #ThowShine initiative for National Bullying Prevention Month


Screenshot of instagram post featuring Kelly Osborne, Randy Fenoli, Brittany Snow, Jessie Chris, and Derek Hough at the TLC Givealittle Awards

Photo of Chamique Holdsclaw speaking at microphone. Text reads: I learned that with the right medication, the proper support, exercise, that I could live a healthy and productive life."