Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts

Building brand awareness to promote services including abortion care and strengthen donor support.

Our core challenge was shifting the local donor perspective in Massachusetts from reactive to proactive support for abortion care, because even there, getting the care you need isn’t easy.


Digital Ad Impressions





The challenge

Planned Parenthood has excellent nationwide awareness, which was only elevated by the devastating blow to Roe v Wade in 2022. Reproductive rights supporters had the quick reaction to bolster local affiliates in states where rights were under attack, but it was also critically important that sanctuary states like Massachusetts were well funded to keep up with the influx of patients from other states.

Our core challenge was shifting the local donor perspective from reactive to proactive support for abortion care, because even in Massachusetts, getting the care you need isn’t easy.

Our solution

We started with thorough background research into the realities of accessing abortion in Massachusetts and conducted interviews with internal PPLM staff. To uncover their current audiences’ views of the brand, we conducted surveys with donors, patients, and lookalike audiences.

To get in front of new, younger supporters for PPLM, we developed a campaign that demonstrated that even in a sanctuary state, abortion is just the tip of the iceberg of the health equity problem that PPLM is working to solve. We focused on digital platforms to bring local younger audiences to the PPLM site to learn more about services and how to support them. To increase local visibility, we ran out of home ads on the MBTA and near clinics.

Concerned person looking into camera. 
Text content: "My doctor wouldn't take my pain seriously, so I turned to Planned Parenthood." — Patient Seeking Reproductive Care
Logo: Focus Local

Focus Local

The campaign look and feel brought in elements of the existing PPLM brand while leading with a recognizable campaign logo that could be used across all assets: social, development materials, posters, etc. Strong headline-driven ads paired with inclusive photography and real patient quotes about services made a strong impact.

Screenshot of Focus Local campaign on the Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts website.
Logo: Focus local
Text content: Legal is not enough. We're making abortion accessible.

In Transit

Out of home ads ran across the red, orange, and commuter rail lines throughout the greater Boston area for three months after negotiating an extra month of donated media. Digital out-of-home ads geotargeting towns like Hingham, Scituate, Cohasset, Marshfield, and Duxbury earned 200K impressions.

Focus Local campaign ad on public transportation. 
Text content: We're breaking down barriers to health care in Massachusetts.  No matter who you are, where you live, or who you love, nothing should hold you back from the care you need.  Learn more at  Logo: Focus Local
Logo: Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts

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