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NEW YORK/ MAY 7, 2023

Bike New York

Selling out New York City’s biggest and best cycling event.

HelpGood launched an integrated campaign to boost registrations and recruit new riders for the world’s most unique urban cycling event, ultimately selling out the event two years in a row.


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in 2+ years

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The challenge

Bike New York, NYC’s largest biking nonprofit, was ready to re-launch their marquee event after a two-year pandemic pause. Sponsored by TD Bank, the TD Five Boro Bike Tour is the cycling equivalent of the New York City Marathon, drawing tens of thousands of riders from all over the world, for a completely unique city ride.

Our goal was to not just breathe new life into the event, but completely sell it out. With the city still recovering from Covid lockdown, bringing throngs of people together, even if safely outdoors, was a tall order.

Our solution

HelpGood identified two key opportunities which helped shape our strategy: a pandemic boom in urban cycling and a strong community of veteran riders who were eager to get back out onto the streets. Our new cyclists would help fill out the ride’s ranks but also become the next generation of cycling advocates, while our ride vets could be counted on to rejoin with the right invitation.

We launched an integrated plan: a massive city-wide outdoor campaign culminating with a highly-targeted paid social campaign, featuring influential cyclists like Eben Weiss (Bike Snob) and rider Jennifer Paras-Tan.

The campaign highlighted what makes the ride fun and unique: 40 miles, completely car-free, through the normally car-laden streets of New York City with fellow riders of all skill levels.

The Impact

HelpGood helped sell out the TD Five Boro Bike Tour two years in a row, following a two year pandemic pause, ushering in a new generation of ride participants.

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Taxi Ad: The most epic car-free ride in the world.  Registration opens January 11! BIKE.NYC/TOUR TD logo FIVE BORO BIKE TOUR NEW YORK/ MAY 7, 2023
Cyclists riding through a car-free intersection, in the Five Boro Bike Tour

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