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HelpGood is a cause marketing agency focused on social good. We work with nonprofits, NGOs, foundations, universities, and corporate social responsibility teams to develop digital-first marketing, communications, and fundraising strategies that inspire action.

HelpGood’s clients include the Ad Council, The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, Animal League America, Keep America Beautiful, United Way, the USDA, EPA, USAID, Love Has No Labels, NEXT for Autism, Perkins School for the Blind, Child and Family Guidance Center, Autism Speaks, and Starlight Children’s Foundation, among others.


  • Michael Bellavia
  • Amanda Lehner
  • Ferry Permadi


Speaking Appearances


  • January 2015: National Journal - This Smart Phone App is Trying to Tinder-ize Polictics
  • January 2015: CultofMac - Donkey or Elephant, This Dating App Will Help You Find Your Mate.
  • August 2014: AdWeek - Smokey Bear's 70th Birthday is Cause for Celebration
  • May 2014: Esquire - Smokey the Bear Makeover
  • May 2014: Washinton Post - Smokey Bear is getting softer in his old age
  • May 2014: LA Times - Smokey Gets Millennial Makeover
  • May 2014: Digiday - How Smokey Bear Found His Voice on Social Media
  • May 2014: ABC News - Firefighting Smokey the Bear Mellows at Age 70
  • March 2014: Forbes - Top SXSW Recommendations for Marketers
  • July 2013: NY Times - New Smokey Bear Gives Hugs Not Just Warnings
  • April 2012: Press Release - United Way and Ad Council Select HelpGood for "LIVE UNITED" Social Media Campaign
  • February 2012: Press Release - "Rosify Yourself" App Launches for Ad Council's 70th Birthday
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