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Hate is gaining momentum in America, and ADL is on a mission to stop it in its tracks.

ADL’s 2022 fundraising campaign was an opportunity to kick off a new social strategy that would be more reactive, more approachable, and protect their own digital communities from online harassment.







Nearly 500 antisemitic incidents
in K-12 schools were tracked by ADL in 2022, another year-over-year increase. 
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The challenge

In 2021, ADL saw the highest number of antisemitic incidents on record since they began tracking them in 1979. While fighting hate is an urgent issue, so is everything else. People are burnt out with less energy for activism and less money to donate. How do we get people to care, learn, and act in this context, especially when the issue of hate and antisemitism is so dark and tough to talk about?

Our solution

Unlike past fundraising campaigns that had static investment behind a few social creatives, we paired business-as-usual fundraising content alongside timely, reactive content. Leveraging real-time reactions to current events proved a successful fundraising strategy. Our quick-turn content raised ADL’s anti-hate solutions to the national conversation, giving audiences a trusted authority to support. We also created a rigorous internal process to clean up ADL’s comment sections across platforms through customized filtering and rigorous daily community management.

Usher in the Next Generation

Our research uncovered that ADL had an untapped potential in younger demographics and that previous paid media investment was misaligned with organizational goals, providing substantial opportunity for improvement.

Report antisemitic incidents. Text HateHelp to 833-448-0248 Share & save number to report incidents. ADL logo
ONLY 41.8%
of Americans under 30 accurately identified the number of Jews murdered in the Holocaust as 6 million.
Source: ADL Center for Antisemitism Research
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